Thinking Ball

In an effort to understand the principles of animation better, this project introduced bringing personality to an inanimate object.


To create a animated scenario where the ball displays its personality


Introducing the plot first gave me an idea as to what kind of personality I wanted to give the ball. After figuring out how I wanted him to move, the rest was making sure the scenario made his personality shine.


Fritz is the child of professional thieves who passed away after attempting to succeed in their biggest score yet. He follows in their footsteps and attempts the challenge, however his overconfidence and clumsiness gets the better of him.

I started with the sketches of Fritz’s personality, then started storyboarding the scenes for the animation.

The storyreel above is the culmination of the storyboard scenes. After modifying the layout and modifying some scenes to stay within a certain timeframe, color and the in-betweens were added, and the final animation is below.