Food Insecurity Exhibit

This concept centers on food insecurity in Louisiana, using current statistics provided by the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. It highlights food insecurity rates across four ethnic groups and sheds light on the issue itself, as well as potential solutions.


As well as introducing the issues of food insecurity, it was important to keep in mind the target audience of this project, high school students. Therefore, an approach that related to them too precedence.


Exploring high school environments and choosing a relevant concept involved researching the current environments of students in my area. Utilizing relatable imagery and environments was the key to bringing the final design together.


Using physical models and the researched information as references, the final product combines every element and
creates a mock-up cafeteria in 3D.

After gathering my research, I made physical mock-ups to determine what the wall would look like in three dimensions.

Sketching the layout of the information on the walls led to the illustrations made in Adobe Illustrator below.

The illustrations were then UV wrapped onto created 3D mock-ups in Blender.