Fairtrade Product Redesign

Since 1985, Jelina Chocolatier has been producing chocolate goods. They offer other confections as well, and they source as much as possible from North America.


While the luxurious quality of Jelina Chocolatier’s confections speak for themselves, it is important to remember that first impressions are meaningful. A redesign was executed to further enhance the memorability of the brand.


Examining how other fairtrade chocolate products stand out in the market was the initial step. Prioritizing the luxurious nature of the chocolate meant creating initial sketches that promote the smooth and rich qualities it possesses. Colors were then chosen by taking reference of the flavor of each product.


The proposed packaging redesign, includes a new font choice that enhances its fairtrade chocolate products and the chocolate’s natural richness. 3D models were created and used to showcase them in a different perspective, using techniques such as UV wrapping and subdividing to create smooth surfaces.

A 3D presentation of the chocolate bar packaging and the chocolate bar.

A 3D close-up of the chocolate bar. The design incorporates an embossed, edible logo.

A 3D model of the hot chocolate can.

A 3D turnaround of the fondue packaging.